Life at ST6

Our clients

Our values

Organization of the future


Support System

Ask for help, give and receive feedback, set up goals, and grow your skills.

Knowledge Sharing

Weekly internal tech talks, a rich knowledge base, and an ever-growing office library.

Your Workspace

Work with the most cutting-edge equipment and tools the market has to offer.

Flexible Hours

Shape your schedule to maximize productivity and retain work-life balance.

Unlimited Home-Office

Get things done from any Internet-connected point on Earth. Results are results regardless of location.

Tasty Treats

Grab a fruit, nibble on nuts, brew some coffee or tea... Refill and recharge in the kitchen.

Friday Lunches

Catch up, socialize, and explore new food joints during the regular company-covered team lunches.

Health Insurance

With premium medical and dental care covered, focus on being the best version of yourself.


Cater to your well-being at any of the hundreds of Multisport sports and leisure facilities.

Chillout Space

Take a break with a game of foosball or FIFA, do some pull-ups or chill and meditate on a bean bag.

Team Culture

Get to know your team, grow trust and friendships, and have fun on team buildings and smaller team events.

Leading Talent

Work alongside and learn from the experts in the industry.

Peripherals Fund

ST6 covers a 1000BGN starter pack for the computer peripherals of your choice + 333BGN each year after that.


Take a 4-week break, fully paid, after four years with ST6. For every additional year after that ST6 adds five more days to your sabbatical.


When the organization does well, all of us share in the profits! ST6 awards up to 1 bonus salary every three months.

Car Assistance

Save time to focus on what's important in your dynamic daily life. ST6 covers car assistance services.

Wild Card

Go wild! :) ST6 provides 500BGN yearly for something of your choice.


Each full-time ST6er receives equity of ST6.

Learning And Development Fund

ST6 covers 1000BGN each year for learning and development initiatives of your choice.

Personal Growth Programs

We drive internal personal growth programs such as Coaching and Positive Intelligence.

Company Revolut Card

ST6 forgoes the need for approvals by issuing individual Company Revolut cards.

Newborn ST6er Package

Celebrate one of life's most prized events. ST6 stands by your side with a one-time baby bonus of 2000BGN NET and a surprise baby gift per baby.

Kids Sport Fund

We want to encourage little ST6ers to lead an active, healthy, and happy life. ST6 covers 50BGN per kid each month for a sports activity of their choice.

Birthday Compliments

ST6 will also surprise you with a selection of top birthday treats guaranteed to put a smile on anybody's face.

Open positions

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