Unicorn Product Manager

ST6 is an elite team of software craftspeople. We deliver expertise and consulting services in the fields of software development, DevOps, cloud technologies, scalable and sustainable architectures, lean product management, and design thinking.

Our customers become our long-term partners. We collaborate directly at the CEO-level to identify mission-critical problems and initiatives, and we work closely together with product management and UX to craft beautiful and efficient solutions tailored to their needs. We operate as an extension to the product team or, often, as the entire product team.

ST6 has a positive, diverse, and transparent culture. We seek to be honest, respectful, and, above all, supportive. We are looking for people who are passionate to make a difference and who work to become a little better every single day. Here you will have the chance to solve mission-critical software problems, be a part of a top talent team, and make a difference by actively participating in the important decisions for the organization.

If you are a Unicorn Product Manager who takes pride in your craft and wants to evolve with our organization. Let’s talk!

Here is a sense of what you’ll be doing day-to-day:

  • Relentless pursuit of the most challenging problems we can solve.
  • Our current biggest contributions include:
    • Partnering with MacStadium to build the biggest Mac cloud in the world, including its flagship product, Orka.
    • Partnering with Markforged (NYSE: MKFG) to revolutionize the industrial 3D printing sector by crafting its flagship web application.
    • Helping Econt digitize its parcel shipping services with a mobile and web experience that delights its customers.
    • Working with Summit Partners, a $25+ billion dollar investment fund, to help its investment companies succeed in their pursuit of building the next unicorn!
  • Work with the latest technologies to solve the most challenging problems.
  • Craft new applications from the ground up and improve existing applications.
  • Interact closely with team members and our partners’ product managers to validate features and ideas on how to make the back-end application serve the needs of users at scale.
  • Explore our own product ideas.

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • 5+ years of Product Development Experience
  • The unique link between users (the problem), business (the solution), and technology (UI/UX and Dev)
  • Exceptionally passionate about solving problems through technology!
  • Solid knowledge of development principles.
  • Have a strong business competency and familiarity with economics
  • Ruthless (objective) prioritization skills
  • Proficiency in research and analysis

Would Be Amazing If:

  • You’ve built your own startup before.
  • Have extensive experience with various product management practices:
    • Canvases (Problem, Ideal Customer, Target Persona, Business Model)
    • Design Thinking
    • Interviews & Surveys
    • Experiments
    • Lean Startup
    • Building MVPs and Prototypes

What you can expect from us:

Transparency, Accountability and Ownership

ST6 is a pioneer in adopting the latest “human-first” organizational practices. Our company has taken transparency to a new level:

  • Open Communication
  • Open Finances
  • Open and Self-Set Salaries
  • Open Equity Structure
  • Transparent and Merit-Based Decision-Making
Career Development
  • We have a support system where you can always ask for help, give and receive feedback, set up goals, and grow your skills.
  • Knowledge sharing initiatives - weekly internal tech talks, a rich knowledge base, and an ever-growing office library.
  • You have the freedom and flexibility to attend any conference, event, or training of choice that will further your professional and personal development with us.
  • Opportunities for Personal growth - 1-on-1 coaching sessions, peer reviews, innovative frameworks for personal development.
Work-life balance
  • Flexible hours
  • Generous work from home policy
  • 26 (25+1) bonus days off
  • Bonus 300 BGN (cash) for every newborn ST6er

Our salaries are self-set. All of the information you need to self-set your salary is transparent - organization’s finances, everybody else’s salaries, strategic company goals, chart of equity, and market research for the salaries in the industry.
You will receive base + bonus + equity. Bonuses are decided collectively, salaries are updated every 6 months.

Health & Social Benefits
  • Health insurance (incl.dental care)
  • Multisport OR Fitness & Sports cash budget
  • Car assistance
Work environment
  • Team lunches
  • Chillout space
  • Team culture
  • Tasty treats in the office
  • Your workspace - you will work with the most cutting-edge equipment and tools the market has to offer.
  • Company Revolut card

ST6 sounds like home? Great! Introduce yourself.
We invite you to share details of any open source projects, your GitHub profile, and most importantly, your personality. Be genuine, not formal.

What our hiring process looks like


Say hi!
15-20 min

We know the whole process is inherently stressful, so we start with a brief, informal video call to break the ice and say hi.


Cultural interview
1-2 hours

You are a very cool person and we are a very cool organization, but what's most important here is how well we click.


Technical interview
1-3 hours

Being the geeks that we are, let's dig deep together into some practical and theoretical problems and how you'd tackle them.