Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Blockchain Enthusiast and 3-times Startup Founder. Kiril has the keen eye for identifying risks early on, which helps our clients avoid pitfalls even before they materialize.

Kiril Gantchev


Ivaylo is a passionate software craftsman, devops enthusiast and firm believer that great people build great products.

Ivaylo Bratoev


Stefan has been fighting entropy in software for more than a decade. He believes that nothing is impossible, it just takes a little longer to accomplish.

Stefan Dobrev


Super-smart craftswoman who constantly strives for perfection and is never afraid to dig into the depths of a technical problem. React Native superstar!

Kristina Koeva

Software Craftswoman

Nikolay is an efficiency and speed machine. His immense attention to detail shines when he conducts code reviews and he is highly driven towards technical excellence. A React superstar!

Nikolay Valchev

Software Craftsman

The calmness masks his passion for technology, speed of learning, drive for excellence and propensity to thoroughly cover all angles of a problem. DevOps is his second nature.

Ivan Spasov

Software Craftsman

Detail-oriented craftsman with a constant drive for self-improvement, invests his time to get the big picture, and is extremely determined. His specialty is React Native.

Steliyan Stoyanov

Software Craftsman

A team player with superior problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and customer-focused personality! React Native Master Craftsman!

Dimitar Tsonev

Software Craftsman

A front-end ninja, with an outstanding work ethic and the vision of a superstar UI designer! Vladimir is our go-to UI expert!

Vladimir Zagorski

Software Craftsman

She's often described as the fierce creative fairy who makes our office fun. A true Happiness Champion, she provides the operational efficiency, comfort, and creative environment for our elite team to continuously deliver exceptional value.

Lidia Yankova

Office Happiness Champion

Iva is our technical content mastermind. Armed with attention to detail, persistence, and a curious mind, she can tackle any challenge in the fields of technical documentation and content strategy.

Iva Koevska-Atanasova

Tactical Craftswoman

Pavel is an excellent software craftsman with deep fascination for technology and a positive, responsive to criticism attitude. He believes that team play is THE way to do things (not only in DOTA) and that everything he does must be carried out meticulously.

Pavel Angelov

Software Craftsman

Stan eats cutting edge Cloud technologies and DevOps best practices for breakfast. Automation, simplicity, and optimization are his core strengths. Outside of work, Stan likes to travel and photograph the world.

Stanislav Hristov

Cloud Craftsman

Iliyan is a firm believer that the whole (i.e., the team) is greater than the sum of its parts. Passionate about new technologies (SpaceX, anyone?), psychology, and neuroscience, he is always seeking for the "how" and "why" of things.

Iliyan Vangelov

Software Craftsman

A strong problem-solver, Fatme is dedicated to team work, self improvement, technical excellence and exploring new tech. Her passion is crafting a culture where everyone is inspired and happy. Outside of work, she loves hanging out with the family and her cat.

Fatme Zeyneva

Software Craftswoman

Serial Entrepreneur with a successful exit to Amazon. Fortune 500 consultant. Trainer and adviser focused on Design Thinking, Lean, Remote Teams, and Teal Organizations. Passionate about innovations and bringing new ideas to life.

Hristo Neychev

Chief Strategy Officer

Vessy is passionate for building high-quality software and products people love. She believes in team work and strives for a culture fostering innovation and experimentation. In her spare time she loves running, kayaking and playing with her kids.

Veselina Radeva

Software Craftswoman

Junior Entrepreneur, Strategist and Leader with a bold vision for the future. Passionate about crafting products that help people's lives. Always looking for emotional, technical, and personal improvement. His outstanding curiosity navigates him through life.

Petar Ivanov

Software Craftsman