Radical Transparency

In self-managed organizations like ST6, everyone is empowered to make important decisions on a daily basis and is able to impact the future of the organization. Information is a key part of any good decision-making process. Thus, in our organization, it is especially important that everyone has access to all the information needed to make adequate, informed decisions.

In traditional organizations, access to information is restricted based on one’s position in the corporate hierarchy and only the CEO has access to all of the information. At ST6 we believe that

the truth belongs to everyone

and everyone in the organization has access to all of the information. We often say that here everyone is an acting CEO. Therefore, we have opened and made fully transparent all information related to:

  • Financial performance of the organization
  • Revenue, profit, and expenses
  • Active contracts and invoicing
  • Pricing and customer offers
  • Billing rates and hours
  • Company bank accounts
  • All other relevant information necessary for making CEO-level decisions

Furthermore, we have full transparency of all processes and numbers related to salaries, bonuses, and equity. In addition to knowing how much everyone in the organization earns, everyone is empowered to decide their own salary—a process called self-set salaries. Since you are your own boss, it only makes sense that you and only you will be able to decide how much you will get paid.

Finally, to continue on the path of radical transparency, after each meeting we share notes outlining what happened in the meeting, what was discussed, and what decisions were made. This allows for full awareness throughout the organization about all dynamics, discussions, and decisions.

As you can see, at ST6 we do not hold the truth as hostage. Access to information is not a privilege, restricted only to the higher ranks. There are no higher ranks. Everyone is empowered, enabled, and supported to make the best decisions possible.

Rather than relying on the single person’s intelligence, we

utilize the collective wisdom

to propel the organization forward. At the same time, by being actively involved in making important decisions, each of us has the opportunity to act, make mistakes, learn, and grow—personally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and professionally!