Why did you join ST6?

I joined ST6 because it aligns with my vision of how an organization should be structured and how it should operate. I read about it a while ago in the book "Reinventing Organizations". Since then, I genuinely believe that this is the way to go for any existing or newly created organization. That was the selling point for me when I interviewed here.

I like the fact that the guidelines and principles are accepted and genuinely applied by everyone at any time. I also like that I'm well accepted and feel that my opinion and expertise matter, whatever topic I'm in on.

Tell me about your work at ST6

Right at the start, I have been part of the team, which works with a client called Markforged. It's a company which manufactures industrial 3D printers. I myself own a 3D printer, so it is pretty exciting to work with such a client on the inside and be part of it all. My role in all this, for now, is to help with the software, which manages 3D printer farms and control what gets printed, where, and when. The technologies we use are all JavaScript oriented, like NodeJS, threeJS, Jest. Then we have GitHub, AWS, PostgreSQL, and CircleCI.

Outside the project, I'm part of the Office and Branding circles. Since I'm working from the office, it makes sense to join the first circle. About the Branding circle, it's sоmething out of my comfort zone, and it was something I wanted to do to widen my scope and knowledge. The people in the circle accept me and value my opinion, so it's a pleasure to be there. This is where the organization's culture enables me to join a domain in which I'm not so proficient but still contribute and grow together.

What would you say are some of the biggest challenges you face at ST6?

The fact that it's hard to abstract yourself from what you have already learned from the corporate world. It's pretty different how everything operates here - it's like you never had any professional experience, and you start building everything from the ground up. My colleagues at ST6 have already built a lot, and it's both easy and interesting to see what they had to go through to achieve all this. It's also thrilling to see where all this will take us, but that's a challenge I'm happy to take on any day.


How do you prefer to start your day?

I like to start my day with any exercise - running, swimming, activities... Mornings are the part of the day in which you have the least distraction, so it's good to keep the discipline.

Work from the office or remote? Why?

Hybrid. I think people should be able to be flexible and be able to switch at any time. I believe there is no need to marry to one option, but maybe choose a primary one.

What are your interests outside of work?

They are too many - it's a course… Family and friends come first. When I feel in good shape, I do triathlons, half-marathons, or bike rides. I also do seasonal sports like snowboarding and windsurfing. Throughout the pandemic, I discovered my cooking nature, and I'm still exploring it. When I find time outside any of that, which is rare now, I'm pretty interested in IoT stuff, like building your battery pack, solar panels, or anything small you might program.

What's one thing you are learning now, and why is it important?

I'm learning how to deliver my full potential to the whole organization. It's something I never felt I could do in any of my previous workplaces. Now, I know it will take some time and adjustment, but I'm certain that what I give and what I take back will be much better.

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