Why did you join ST6?

One of the crucial reasons I've decided to join ST6 is the very experienced and intelligent team and the values that we share. I see ST6 as the place where I can learn, develop, and improve my capabilities as well as contribute to the company and other people's well-being. I'm always looking for ways to challenge myself, enhance my current skills, and learn new ones. I do believe that ST6 could be my arena for experimentation, personal and technical development.

Apart from that, ST6 embraces the Teal organization principles and values such as transparency, being your whole self, etc. When I started my first startup, Parknshare, I wanted to introduce transparency, equality, openness and create a unique culture and environment. After I failed, I found ST6 as a place that's already based on that, so it was an easy choice.

Tell me about your work at ST6

I started working for a client called MacStadium from day one when I joined the organization.

MacStadium is a leading provider of Apple Mac infrastructure, providing scalable, reliable, and secure private clouds and dedicated servers for MacOS. Currently, I am working on the Portal, a web app used directly by MacStadium customers to purchase products, talk to the support team, user management, and manage the various payment methods. The technologies we use are all JavaScript-oriented, like ReactJS, React-Query, Reach-Router, GraphQL, Apollo, NodeJS, Jest. Then we have GitHub, AWS, and MySQL. Outside the project, I am part of the Recruiting circle where we try to find like-minded people that embrace our culture and are in the top 5% of technical talent. Being part of the circle, I participate in many interviews, both cultural and technical ones, which helps me get out of my comfort zone and tune my sense and evaluation of people.

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How do you prefer to start your day?

I love starting my day by getting up early in the morning, around 5:50 am, and going straight to the gym for a heavy weight lifting session. Then, I eat my breakfast and do 20-30 minutes of zen meditation practice. Both activities help me set a tone for the day, clear my mind and prepare me for the challenges during the day.

How would you describe your job to a bunch of five-year-olds?

It’s all about crafting great products. You build something from nothing, from 0 to 1. As a five-year-old, you build great things from a Lego, a puzzle, or randomly experiment with some stuff. That’s the creative and inspiring process. You’re thrilled by the experience, not by the results. That’s the same in our everyday job. We do love creating and shipping great products and software, but more than that, we love the process of making something.

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