We talked about the ST6 structure. In our organization, we operate in circles, not departments.

Now, let's focus on the Office Circle. Here, we know what a 404 error means for everything related to the office and a 429 error while going to the toilets. From coordinated efforts to operational efficiency, we'll share what makes this circle crucial for the seamless functioning of our working environment.

ST6-er at work


  • Craft and maintain a pleasant and inspiring office space that provides superior comfort, supports the team in achieving excellence and promotes happiness and productivity.


  • All maintenance of shared spaces, equipment, and amenities.
  • New hire's onboarding.
  • Prepare the seating arrangements and provide equipment for the new hire.


  • Ensure that the shared spaces are well-utilized, clean, and well-organized.
  • Purchase or arrange new equipment and amenities based on the organization's needs.
  • Prepare the seating arrangements, equipment and peripherals for the new hires.

Let's say this: Office Circle's members are always available to assist when employees need help with anything related to the office space.

We aim to add detailed descriptions of all the tasks, and the circle's members can decide which one they want to handle. Sometimes, some ST6er can be just a guest in the circle. What does that mean? Anyone who wants to help or work on some task can do so without being a member.

We joke that the Office Circle is the 'quietest circle'- its work doesn't always stand out, but without it, our office wouldn't be fun, cosy, and equipped to make people happy.

Oh, the 3D printer broke again. I am going to check it. 🙂