There is more to being part of ST6 than merely ‘’doing the job’’. It is instead being part of a society where culture truly matters and is one of the fundamental pillars on which everything is based. To make our culture thrive, we have established several ‘’traditions’’. One fragment of the latter is our weekly knowledge-sharing sessions.

Knowledge is power

The influence of knowledge is undoubtedly immense. From improving brain function through critical thinking to simply sharpening your skills, knowledge has proved to be essential in human development. At ST6, we believe that knowledge is power, as the old adage goes. Hence, why we are so devoted to implementing various knowledge sharing initiatives in the workplace. One of these happens to be the weekly knowledge sharing sessions. We see this as a positive asset to our culture as knowledge sharing has proven to be quite efficient in enhancing the collective ability of the entire team to understand different concepts better. Essentially, these initiatives are also helping us to improve our internal communication and create an even stronger bond with each other. We are delighted to share more insight for our weekly knowledge sharing sessions.

Weekly knowledge sharing sessions

Weekly knowledge-sharing

Every week at ST6 we have knowledge sharing sessions. These occasions are meant to gather the team together to present and discuss topics and ideas of different nature. The primary objective at the beginning was sharing technical knowledge, i.e., sharing a new technology experience, a tool that might be useful for work, or simply a crafting experience. However, with time the focus gradually shifted towards knowledge sharing in other areas. For instance, one of the novelties is the hot seat. Whoever has the ba… pardon, courage to step up gets the chance to present a bit more about themselves. They can talk about their background, life achievements, education, and overall development in the past years; in other words, they share a fragment of their lives with other ST6ers.

Perhaps you now begin to understand that everything we do at ST6 comes with a meaning and a purpose. It is not just a 60-minute presentation. It is a way of sharing something that excites us and inspires us to grow as individuals and as an organization as a whole. Regular knowledge sharing sessions are great occasions for us to gather together and indulge in an open and honest discussion.

Would you like to be the next weekly knowledge sharing presenter? Share your ideas for a knowledge sharing session in the comments below.