In our previous blog post, we talked about the ST6 structure and circles in general. Now it's time to get in more details about each circle. Today's topic is the Recruiting circle - its purpose, domain, goal and responsibilities!

Purpose Craft a revolutionary selection process that would find the best talent fitting for our culture and organization.

Goal Grow the ST6 team.


  • Identify the people we would like to recruit.
  • Drive, organize, and improve the end-to-end recruitment process.


  • Manage all communication with candidates, and facilitate each step from the end-to-end recruiting process.
  • Ensure diversity by attracting different interview attendees.
  • Compose inspiring job offers that reflect the current needs of our organization.
  • Gain more exposure, attract, and engage future ST6ers.
  • Establish recruiting best practices.
  • Create an efficient and innovative selection process.

Enough governance for now.

Reading so far, you probably think this should be the HR department. As we mentioned before, each ST6er can participate in any circle they want, no matter their role or background. The important thing is what inspires you and where you want to contribute. So here are the recruiting circle members:

  • Krisi (Software Craftswoman)
  • Dimitar (Software Craftsman)
  • Fatme (Software Craftswoman)
  • Petar (Software Craftsman)
  • Lidia (Office Happiness Champion)
  • Spasena (Talent & Operations Craftswoman)
  • Iliyan (Software Craftsman)

More about the team here.

The Circle's Champion is Spasena, and the Circle's Secretary is Fatme.

We have other circle-specific roles like Tech Task Reviewer, Candidate's Coordinator, New Position Champion, GDPR Master, and Candidate's Champion. We have more roles and governance yet to be defined, so let's, for now, focus on the Candidate's Champion Role, as this is a role each one of us takes.

The Candidate's Champion is the main point of contact between the candidate and ST6. They assure consistent and transparent dialog and guarantee an end-to-end recruitment journey that resonates with every ST6 value. All of the circle members rotate through this role in a particular order. And thus, each candidate has a different champion.

Currently, we have plenty of open positions, and we are very actively looking for our new ST6ers.

What do we look for in a candidate?

  • A passion and excitement for your craft. You love what you do and have fun doing it.
  • A desire for solving problems.
  • A self-awareness to embrace the failures.
  • A belief in pursuing a common goal as a team.
  • A conscious desire to work in an environment with open and transparent information.

What is our interview process?

15-30min Say Hi!—We know the whole process is inherently stressful, so we start with a brief, informal video call to break the ice and say Hi.

1-3h Cultural Talk—You are a very cool person, and we are a very cool organization, but what's most important here is how well we click.

Technical Task—This depends on the position you are applying for. We usually do not place restrictions on the technologies you can use and we do not set a deadline for the implementation. The most important thing for us is for your solution to be well crafted. :)

1-4h Technical Talk—Being the geeks that we are, let's dig deep together into some practical and theoretical problems and how you'd tackle them.

We know it sounds scary, but we promise you it's all worth it. :) We are pretty friendly and fun. :)

If you have already been in a recruitment process with us, and you have feedback, if you want to apply, and you have questions, or you want to chat and know more - write to us :).